Cookies Usage Policy

The represented below Policy is applied only to this website and describes, how and for what purposes we and third parties use cookies. By continuing to browse you are consenting to the use of cookies and are accepting all the conditions of the following Policy.

The cookie technology is absolutely safe and widely used throughout the Internet for improving the user experience. It works in this way, small text file containing an anonymous information about your visit (it does not contain any personal data) is recorded on the hard drive of your device when you browse the website. When you come back again this information is read and allows you to customize the operation of the resource under the user's preferences.

At the moment, we only use one own cookie, that just allows us to remember that you have consented to this policy at the first visit, and not to display the warning again.

The following third-party services are used in our project:

  • Google Analytics - allows us to receive reports about the statistics of page views and understand the way users interact with the site content. Such reports help us to improve our project all the time, to make it more friendly and helpful.
  • Google Adsense - displays the relevant ads on our web pages, choosing the most interesting ones for the user.

They may record cookies on your computer without our participation, in accordance with their own practices as described herein

In addition, these third-party services may automatically request some anonymous information from your browser (e.g. the URLs of the pages and the time of your visit, the browser version, IP address, etc.) to compile statistics, and to select the most relevant advertising to display. Please note that we cannot control this process, learn more about how they use such information, you can by visiting

If you do not want cookies to be stored on your device, you can restrict or prohibit them, either delete already saved files by means of your browser settings. However, be aware that it may lead to malfunctioning or partial unavailability of some websites.

This Policy came into force on 25 August 2015. In the case of its significant changes, the updated version will be published on this page without any warnings.